House of Courage

Our target

In 2020, Žanis Lipke turns 120. We are celebrating this with a view to the future, planning to add a much needed new wing to the Lipke Memorial. A new building dedicated to education.

Discussions, public lectures, and a conference in Fall 2020 is organized along with donation campaign to develop the concept of the new educational centre in an open and transparent way. We invite everyone to join the conversation and be part of this exciting project! DONATE


Dock worker Žanis Lipke under impossible circumstances saved people who were not considered people by the authorities and neighbours under German occupation. That required courage and friends.

Being brave isn’t easy, being the minority isn’t easy. Hating and suspecting any otherness is easier, it takes no effort.

But we want to live in a country where your fellow men and women are considered people. We would like our society to be brave, reliable, and considerate. Capable of cooperation and self-regulation, not expecting orders “from above”. And we want to work to make it happen.

We want to create a place in Riga for young people to gather and build resistance to automatic stereotyping and common casually repeated hateful myths.

Civic courage is something to be learned, to be taught, to be trained like a muscle, like a racehorse. That is why House of Courage will be a training ground for kids and youngsters of Latvia. Let’s help lionhearts grow their courage and learn to deal with its consequences and side effects too.

House of Courage will be located right next to Žanis Lipke Memorial on the island of Ķīpsala, an integral part of the “Knowledge Mile” that already incorporates several universities, business centres, museums and the National Library of Latvia.

We are aiming high, but the target is well within reach – we want to be the springboard for a new civil society as it researches its history and brings courageous ideas to life, changing the world for the better.

And everyone can lend a hand in reaching this aim. Donate to develop courage in the new generation and the entire society. Donate to Lipke House of Courage!


Courage is to stand up for the weaker, courage is to say what you think, courage is to ask if you do not understand. Courage is to say an unpopular view, courage is to go to the polls, courage is to laugh at stupidity, courage is not to fall into apathy. The courage is to admit if you are scared.